Moment of Why - Apportionments
August 12, 2018, 3:13 PM

Apportionments are vast and complicated and I can only give a simple explanation. For West Ohio apportionments, if paid at 100% by all the churches, would be about $20 million. Apportionments are the money paid by individual churches – Ansonia UMC – in support of both the Miami Valley District and the West Ohio Conference. Apportionments are assigned based on church size and budget, so different churches pay different amounts. By comparison Ansonia UMC pays a fairly small amount.

The Conference goal for 2019 is to have a 10% reduction in the amount requested.


Apportionment money goes to three major areas:

First, money goes to missional work. United Methodist Council on Relief (UMCOR) is funded at 100% so all donations go directly to relief efforts. Money also supports the work of missionaries around the world, and special efforts like No More Malaria, orphanages, and hospitals.

Second, money is re-invested in the local churches through scholarships for those attending seminary and money set aside for new church starts or church revitalization. It supports colleges and an effort called Africa University. There is money for new ministries.

Third, money pays the salaries and expenses of the church leaders and administrative activities – the bishop, the district supervisors, the secretaries, as well as office equipment and so on.

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