Matthew Study - March 3
March 3, 2019, 6:38 PM

Read Matthew 11:1 to Matthew 14:58


Talk about the reasons you attend church.


What do you expect from church? What are you supposed to give to church?


In your opinion, why do you think non-believers are non-believers?


In your opinion, what is the single most important problem facing your community right now?


What do you believe Jesus is saying in Matthew 11:25-27?


Talk about some of the rules, whether real or implied, you see that should be obeyed in church.


What do you believe Jesus means by what he says in Matthew 12:8?


Talk about the ministries within the church that you see as unnecessary or ineffective. How can they be improved?


How is the “sign of Jonah” (Matthew12:39-41) a sign for believers?


What information do you learn about Jesus in Matthew 12:46-47?


Talk about your interpretation of Jesus’ “Parable of the Sower” (Matthew 13:1-9). Who is the sower? What is the seed? What do the different soils represent?


Compare your interpretation to Matthew 13:18-23.


Talk about your understanding of what is said in Matthew 13:10-17.


Matthew 13:24-52 presents several parables, or simple stories with deeper meaning. Talk about your understanding of each of them.


Talk about the worst thing that has happened to you this month.


How is Matthew 14:13-21 related to Matthew 14:1-12?


Talk about the things you do or the things you have that remind you of God’s presence.


What lesson do you see in Matthew 14:22-36?


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