Matthew Study - March 17
March 17, 2019, 3:21 PM

Read Matthew 19:1 to Matthew 21:46


Divorce can be a difficult subject. Share your feelings about divorce.


What are Jesus’ comments regarding divorce?


Talk about your understanding of what Jesus says in Matthew 19:11-12.


How is Matthew 19:13-15 related to Matthew 18:1-4?


Talk about your idea of what it means to be a good person.


Based on Matthew 19:16-22, what do you learn about the rich young man?


Talk about what you see as the point Jesus is making in Matthew 19:16-30.


Talk about how long you have been a Christian and how long you have attended church.


Tell about a time when you encountered someone at church who was very different from you. Were you able to find a connection or a way to accept them?


Talk about your understanding of Jesus’ point in the “Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard” (Matthew 20:1-16).


Is Matthew 21:1-7 an example of divine ability or prior planning?


How is Matthew 21:15-16 similar to Matthew 18:1-4 and Matthew 19:13-15? Why do you think there is this much emphasis on children?


How is Matthew 21:18-22 related to Matthew 17:20-21?


What do you see as the motivation or purpose of what Jesus said in Matthew 21:27?


There are some who claim “There are more hypocrites inside the church than outside the church.” Talk about your opinion of this.


Talk about what you see as the meaning behind Jesus’ parables in Matthew 21:28-41.


What is your understanding of what Jesus says in Matthew 21:44?


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