Matthew Study - March 10
March 10, 2019, 3:38 PM

Read Matthew 15:1 to Matthew 18:35


Talk about what you see as the most difficult or challenging part of being a Christian.


Talk about your understanding of all that is being said in Matthew 15:1-20.


Tell about a time when you had to remain faithful while you waited for God to bless you in the way you wanted.


Explain your understanding of Jesus’ attitude and words in Matthew 15:21-28.


How is Matthew 15:29-39 related to Matthew 14:13-21? What is similar? What is different?


Talk about why you think the two feeding of thousands appear in Matthew.


How is Matthew 16:1-4 related to Matthew 12:38-42?


Describe your perception or understanding of who Jesus is.


What might be the reasoning behind Jesus’ response to Peter in Matthew 16:23?


How does Matthew 16:23 relate to Matthew 16:17-19?


Explain your understanding of Matthew 16:24-26.


How does Matthew 17:5 relate to Matthew 3:16-17?


Talk about the lesson you see in Matthew 17:14-21.


Explain your understanding of what Jesus is saying in Matthew 18:1-6.


Do you think Jesus is being literal or symbolic in what he says in Matthew 18:7-9?


Talk about how you resolve problems that might arise between you and another person.


What instructions do we get from Jesus in Matthew 18:15-18?


How is the “Parable of the Unmerciful Servant” (Matthew 18:21-35) related to what is said in “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:12)?


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