Matthew Study - January 27
February 1, 2019, 3:08 PM

Do you know your heritage? Talk about how far back in your family tree you can go.


Tell about any famous (or infamous) or special relatives or ancestors you have.


Talk about what your family’s past means to you. Is it important?


Why is it important for us to know the family tree of Jesus?


How might Matthew 1:2 be connected to Genesis 12:2-3?


How might Matthew 1:5 be connected to Joshua 2:12-14 and Ruth 4:1-12?


The name “Jesus” is actually the Greek version of the name “Joshua,” which means “the Lord is salvation.” Why is this important?


What are the details of the Christmas story presented in Matthew?


What was the most important or most memorable birthday gift you ever received?


Can you name the three gifts the Magi brought?


Some scholars believe the three gifts were symbolic. What might the gifts represent?

Gift One (???) =

Gift Two (???) =

Gift Three (???) =


In Matthew 1:20-21 to whom does an angel appear?


An angel appears to Joseph in Matthew 2:13 and Matthew 2:19-20. Why do you think Joseph is the only one who hears from an angel?


Tell about the worst thing that happened when you were a child – something that either happened to you or happened somewhere else but you knew about it (like a car accident, a house fire, a Kennedy assassination, and so on).


Part of the Christmas story is “The Massacre of the Innocents” (Matthew 2:16-18). What feelings does this bring about in you? Does this affect your view of God?


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