Matthew Study - Fenruary 10
February 11, 2019, 7:31 AM

How would you define the expression “Poor in spirit?”


Several verses in Matthew 5 (vss. 3-6, 10-11) seem to show negative situations or feelings as actually a positive thing. How might that be possible?


What is your definition of “blessed?”


What is your definition of “meek?” Do you consider yourself to be meek?


Matthew 5: 8 says the pure in heart will see God. What does it mean to you to be “pure in heart?” What does it mean to you that they will see God?


Matthew 5:10 mentions “righteousness.” What is righteousness?


Tell about a time when you showed love to someone else.


What do you think Jesus meant by Matthew 5:16 when he said we should let our light shine?


What rules or laws do you see as part of your faith and belief in God?


Matthew 5:17 is a statement that creates much controversy and discussion. What is your opinion about what it means?


Tell about a time when you were very angry with another person. What was the issue? How did you respond? Perhaps you lost your temper.


Tell about a time when you made a promise to someone else. Was there something you said or did to convince the other person of your sincerity?


Matthew 5:21-47 are the “You have heard it said” verses. Is Jesus speaking literally or is he just trying to emphasize his point?


Do you believe you can live up to what Jesus talks about in these verses?


Talk about what Matthew 5:21-47 means to us in today’s society.


Share your feelings and opinions about Matthew 5:43-47. Who are our enemies?


Matthew 5:48 is quite a challenge. What are your thoughts about what Jesus tells us?


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