Matthew Study - February 3
February 3, 2019, 3:03 PM

Tell about the most dynamic, influential, or memorable preacher you have ever heard speak. What made them special?


If possible, tell about the preacher, teacher, or church leader who made the biggest impact on your faith.


“Repent” is defined as “to feel regret for what one has done.” What should we repent about (see Matthew 3:2)? How is this like Matthew 4:17?


John the Baptist is described in some unflattering ways (Matthew 3:4) but crowds came out to see him. Why do you think that was?


John the Baptist seemed to attack the religious leaders (Matthew 3:7-12). Why do you think he did that? Do you think it has anything to do with Jesus’ story?


Does John the Baptist’s warnings in Matthew 3:11-12 fit with what Jesus preached and did? How does it, or how does it not?


If you are willing, share your opinion on when it is appropriate to be baptized. Can infants be baptized or should the person be an adult?


What is your understanding of the meaning of Baptism? Is it a time when your sins are washed away, when you are marked as belonging to God, or a time to begin a life dedicated to God?


If Jesus is God in human form, and therefore perfect, why was he baptized?


Talk about what you do to resist temptation.


Why do you think the Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted?


Talk about what lesson Jesus’ temptation teaches you.


If possible, share how you feel when you know God has forgiven you or is with you in a difficult time.


What are your feelings about Matthew 4:11?


We often overlook certain details about Jesus. One such detail is in Matthew 4:13. What do we learn about Jesus here?


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