Matthew Study - February 24
February 24, 2019, 2:09 PM

Share the ways you trust in God’s ability to work in your life. How do you know when God has done something for you?


In Matthew 8:4, why do you think Jesus didn’t want the man to tell anyone else?


Why do you think it is important that the man who asked Jesus to heal his servant is a centurion?


Talk about your feelings about what Jesus says in Matthew 8:11-12. Does this fit with your view of who God is?


Talk about your approach to personal illness, hurt, or challenging situations. Do you invite God to be part of the situation?


Matthew 8:18-27 seems to present encounters between Jesus and people (including the disciples!) who need to have deeper faith. Do you feel Jesus was fair in his responses to those who wanted to follow him? (Matthew 8:18-22)


Was Jesus fair in his response to the disciples? (Matthew 8:23-26)


What does Matthew 8:27 tell us about the disciples?


Without using specific names, tell about anyone you might know who is living a life you consider “far from normal.”


In Matthew 8:29 the demon-possessed men ask Jesus if he has “come here to torture us before the appointed time.” What deeper meaning or implications might that question have?


What does Matthew 8:33-34 tell you about the people in that area?


Matthew 9:1 gives us some information about Jesus that many overlook. What do we learn about Jesus?


Matthew 9:18-34 includes several stories of miracles based on faith. Do the miracles happen because of Jesus’ authority or because of the person’s faith? Or is it both?


What do you think Jesus means by what is said in Matthew 10:26-31?


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