After Words - Sermon notes
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February 17, 2019, 3:13 PM

Matthew Study - February 17

Read Matthew 6:1 to Matthew 7:29


Tell about a time when you did something nice for someone else but you did in secret or anonymously.


Talk about the reasons you or anyone else might have for doing something nice for another person – especially a stranger.


How might it be possible to live out what Jesus says in Matthew 6:3?


Talk about your prayer life. Do you pray every day? Do you have certain prayers you say?


Talk about what Jesus might mean by Matthew 6:7?


Matthew 6:12 is actually quite a challenge. Do you feel you are able to live according to this request?


Part of the reason for fasting is to prevent habits or influences from controlling you. Talk about what things other than food you might try “fasting” from – TV, cell phone, Internet, FaceBook, etc.


How would you rate your ability to trust God to provide for what you need?


Matthew 6:33 is yet another challenge. What are your feelings about this statement? Can you live it out?


Talk about your understanding of Matthew 7:3-5.


Tell about a person you do not like. What is it about that person that makes you not like them?


Are any of the things you could change about yourself and your faith life “a plank” in your own eye?


What is the simple explanation for what Jesus says in Matthew 7:7-11? Does this give you any kind of hope?


Matthew 7:12 is what is known as “The Golden Rule.” How does it connect with Matthew 7:7-11?


Talk about what you see as the hardest part of being faithful to God.


What do you see as the meaning behind Matthew 7:13-14?


Matthew 7:24-27 is a familiar parable but most people miss the words “puts them into practice.” How do we put the words of Jesus into practice?


February 11, 2019, 7:31 AM

Matthew Study - Fenruary 10

How would you define the expression “Poor in spirit?”


Several verses in Matthew 5 (vss. 3-6, 10-11) seem to show negative situations or feelings as actually a positive thing. How might that be possible?


What is your definition of “blessed?”


What is your definition of “meek?” Do you consider yourself to be meek?


Matthew 5: 8 says the pure in heart will see God. What does it mean to you to be “pure in heart?” What does it mean to you that they will see God?


Matthew 5:10 mentions “righteousness.” What is righteousness?


Tell about a time when you showed love to someone else.


What do you think Jesus meant by Matthew 5:16 when he said we should let our light shine?


What rules or laws do you see as part of your faith and belief in God?


Matthew 5:17 is a statement that creates much controversy and discussion. What is your opinion about what it means?


Tell about a time when you were very angry with another person. What was the issue? How did you respond? Perhaps you lost your temper.


Tell about a time when you made a promise to someone else. Was there something you said or did to convince the other person of your sincerity?


Matthew 5:21-47 are the “You have heard it said” verses. Is Jesus speaking literally or is he just trying to emphasize his point?


Do you believe you can live up to what Jesus talks about in these verses?


Talk about what Matthew 5:21-47 means to us in today’s society.


Share your feelings and opinions about Matthew 5:43-47. Who are our enemies?


Matthew 5:48 is quite a challenge. What are your thoughts about what Jesus tells us?


February 3, 2019, 3:03 PM

Matthew Study - February 3

Tell about the most dynamic, influential, or memorable preacher you have ever heard speak. What made them special?


If possible, tell about the preacher, teacher, or church leader who made the biggest impact on your faith.


“Repent” is defined as “to feel regret for what one has done.” What should we repent about (see Matthew 3:2)? How is this like Matthew 4:17?


John the Baptist is described in some unflattering ways (Matthew 3:4) but crowds came out to see him. Why do you think that was?


John the Baptist seemed to attack the religious leaders (Matthew 3:7-12). Why do you think he did that? Do you think it has anything to do with Jesus’ story?


Does John the Baptist’s warnings in Matthew 3:11-12 fit with what Jesus preached and did? How does it, or how does it not?


If you are willing, share your opinion on when it is appropriate to be baptized. Can infants be baptized or should the person be an adult?


What is your understanding of the meaning of Baptism? Is it a time when your sins are washed away, when you are marked as belonging to God, or a time to begin a life dedicated to God?


If Jesus is God in human form, and therefore perfect, why was he baptized?


Talk about what you do to resist temptation.


Why do you think the Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted?


Talk about what lesson Jesus’ temptation teaches you.


If possible, share how you feel when you know God has forgiven you or is with you in a difficult time.


What are your feelings about Matthew 4:11?


We often overlook certain details about Jesus. One such detail is in Matthew 4:13. What do we learn about Jesus here?


February 1, 2019, 3:08 PM

Matthew Study - January 27

Do you know your heritage? Talk about how far back in your family tree you can go.


Tell about any famous (or infamous) or special relatives or ancestors you have.


Talk about what your family’s past means to you. Is it important?


Why is it important for us to know the family tree of Jesus?


How might Matthew 1:2 be connected to Genesis 12:2-3?


How might Matthew 1:5 be connected to Joshua 2:12-14 and Ruth 4:1-12?


The name “Jesus” is actually the Greek version of the name “Joshua,” which means “the Lord is salvation.” Why is this important?


What are the details of the Christmas story presented in Matthew?


What was the most important or most memorable birthday gift you ever received?


Can you name the three gifts the Magi brought?


Some scholars believe the three gifts were symbolic. What might the gifts represent?

Gift One (???) =

Gift Two (???) =

Gift Three (???) =


In Matthew 1:20-21 to whom does an angel appear?


An angel appears to Joseph in Matthew 2:13 and Matthew 2:19-20. Why do you think Joseph is the only one who hears from an angel?


Tell about the worst thing that happened when you were a child – something that either happened to you or happened somewhere else but you knew about it (like a car accident, a house fire, a Kennedy assassination, and so on).


Part of the Christmas story is “The Massacre of the Innocents” (Matthew 2:16-18). What feelings does this bring about in you? Does this affect your view of God?


December 23, 2018, 7:20 PM

After Words December 23

Tell about someone who has shown you love.



Talk about the many ways we can express our love without using words.



Talk about one thing you did this week to express love to another.



Talk about the specific parts of the Christmas story that speak to you about love.



The Bible tells us, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” (Deuteronomy 6:5) How can we live out this instruction?



Talk about how you might share God’s love with someone else this week.


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