A Deeper Understanding
September 22, 2019, 4:17 PM

Praotes is the Greek word for “gentleness.”  Scholar William Barclay says, “praotes is the most untranslatable of words” but then defines it as being “submissive to the will of God.”  It also means “being teachable,” and “considerate.”  Aristotle describes praotes as that middle point between excessive anger and excessive angerless-ness.

We have to find that middle point between anger and angerless-ness.  Gentleness – praotes – is not being a doormat or being weak.  Praotes is being strong.  It is being considerate to others and sometimes that takes effort and strength; it takes sacrifice and strong will.  And sometimes we need to be as harsh as the conditions are so that we can overcome that harshness with gentleness.

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